link building, backlinksToday, I found a great post on Digital Point (DP) Forums about some great link building techniques. The title quickly grabbed my attention and I decided to read the content. I was really delighted to read the entire post as it not just outlined but also explained in detail some great link building techniques. I quickly decided to share some of the most important points explained in the post with you.

First of all, as most of you know backlinks are very important if you want to get a good PageRank. Backlinks is probably the most important factor in determining PageRank. The more the amount of backlinks your website has, the greater your PageRank will be. But how do you get those backlinks? Those who have tried to get them know that is is certainly not an easy task.

Today, I will point out 10 most important link building techniques that will definitely help you get more backlinks if followed correctly.

1. Link Exchange
Exchanging liks is a common practice where webmasters exchange links to gain backlinks to their sites. Search Engines do not like this method but it is one of the most common ones. Remember that reciprocal link exchange (two way) may not be worth a lot sometimes but three way link exchange is a great idea to boost PageRank.

2. Paying for Links
There is always the option of buying links on high PageRank websites to get backlinks but you have to be careful about it. Google is always ready to penalize webmasters who buy links but still a lot of webmasters do it because it is an easy way to get high PageRank. The links are one way and thus hold a lot of value.

3. Social Bookmarking sites
Using social bookmarking sites such as Digg, Delicious, Stumble Upon and others is a great idea to not only get backlinks but also huge amount of traffic. You are basically sharing your website and content with others and thus it increases your chances of others linking their site to your site.

4. Submitting to Directories
This is a common way to get backlinks. Just submit your blog and sites to reputed directories and wait to get approved. However, just like forums, directories also have a lot of outgoing links and thus the backlinks are not worth much. Furthermore, most directories may have their hompage with high PageRank but the inner pages (where you link will be displayed) do not have any PR.

5. Commenting on Blogs
It is always a good idea to comment on relevant blogs and leave some useful and detailed comments. However, remember that most of the blogs have NoFollow attribute and thus will not boost your PageRank. However, there are a lot of lists on the Internet that can help you find some DoFollow blogs to leave a comment on. Make sure that your comments are relevant, helpful and not spammy.

6. Marketing your Articles
If you have written an interesting article then you should definitely submit it to article sites with a link to your own site. That way you will gain a lot of backlinks. Furthermore, if your article is really nice then other people will link to it as well and thus provide you with more backlinks and traffic!

7. Posting on Forums and Signatures
Posts and signatures on forums are a great way to backlinks but the problem is that due to a lot of outgoing links, value of backlinks is not significant. However, it is still a great way to get some valuable traffic and some backlinks.

8. Press Release
There are a lot of websites online where you can post press releases with a link to your own blog/website and gain backlinks. This is considered a great way to get backlinks by Google. However, the problem is that it is very hard to write posts about press releases and it is impossible to do for some niches.

9. Using Link Bait and Widgets
You may have seen several popular websites offer their own customized widgets that link to their own site. This a nice way to get a lot of backlinks but most of the times, your website has to be popular enough to convince other webmasters to place your widget on their blog/site. Link Bait is also another trick. Basically, it involves writing a "controverisal" or maybe offending article that may provoke response from others. But you have to be careful when writing such articles because it might damge your reputation.

10. Talking to Others
The simplest and least used way to get backlinks and gain popularity is to talk to others about your website. Just try to mention is every now and then to people who you think might be interested in visiting your website. However, be careful about it! You don't want to be talking to everyone about your website all the time. It may offend some people and other may find it annoying. :)

This is it guys. I hope you liked the post. I would also like to share with you the original post where you can find more detailed information about each of these link building techniques.

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