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Posted by seoforblogging | 8/21/2008

web hostingFew days ago, I wrote a post called “Buying A Domain Name – Must For Bloggers?” to emphasize that in order to be considered as a reputed blogger, you do not need to have your own domain name and web hosting. However, there are several bloggers and webmasters who feel more comfortable having their own domain name and independent hosting.

Finding a web hosting service can be quite difficult if you are new to this. Searching online will not help you much since there are lots and lots of web hosting companies and most of them are ridiculous and unreliable. You have to choose a reliable and honest company to host your website.

ImHosted is such an ecommerce hosting company that provides web hosting services along with several other services to its customers. You can get great web hosting deals at very low prices. For example, you can have the benefits of Reseller Web Hosting for only $30/month. You will get 25 GB of hosting space, 4 TB bandwidth, unlimited domain hosting and several other features. You may also be interested in ImHosted’s mega web hosting deal that provides 2,500 GB web hosting space, 10,000 GB bandwidth and unlimited domain hosting for only $6.95 per month.

A major difference between good and poor web hosting companies is that good web hosting companies provide great customer service. ImHosted provides its customers with 24/7 Live Chat Support as well as Phone Support. If you have any problems with web hosting then just let them know and they will try their best to solve it.

ImHosted is a great website hosting service and you should definitely take a look at it if you are looking for a good web hosting company.

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