5 Steps to Follow After Starting a New Blog

Posted by seoforblogging | 3/04/2009

Starting a blog is very easy. All you need to do is get a free account at Blogger or WordPress, choose a name, pick a theme and start posting. But making that blog popular and driving traffic to it is the most difficult part. Yet if done properly, it is not that complicated to create a popular blog. What you need to remember is that every blog needs good content. Do not expect to receive thousand of organic traffic to your blog if you do not have something useful to offer to your viewers. Remember, visitors need a reason(s) to come to your blog.

So what should you do to make your blog popular?

  1. Add Meta Tags - use an automatic online meta tag generator to create some good meta description and tag code for your blog. Paste that code into your blog so that search engines can know what your blog is about.
  2. Link Building - get a lot of backlinks for your blog. But make sure that most of these backlinks are from relevant sites. Do not go looking for links from medicine sites when your blog is about movies.
  3. Social Bookmarking Sites - whenever you publish a new post on your blog, make sure to submit it to major bookmarking sites such as Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit etc. These sites can drive a lot of traffic!
  4. Forums - they are a great way to get involved into direct marketing. Communicate with other members and promote your blog on different forums (but don't spam!).
  5. Blog Comments - Commenting is still a popular way to increase popularity. It helps you in getting backlinks, building relationships with other bloggers and driving traffic.
These were some very basic tips to make your blog popular. There are other tips as well that can be more effective but beginners need to start with these first.

Posted by Dan at SEO for Blogging.
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  1. Bellar March 19, 2009 at 8:45 PM  

    I just a little bit confused about several things. Is there relation between PR, popularity, and traffic? Is higher PR bring high traffic, or high traffic bring higher PR ? What's relationship with our blog position on search engine ? What's the better, traffic from search engine or trough off page optimization efforts ? Sorry for this long questions, lol. Have a nice day.

  2. Eric March 25, 2009 at 3:32 PM  

    Making a blog and building it to be popular is the not easy task. Link building, commenting, social bookmarking, etc. takes lot of time and effort on our side.

  3. Online Garden Fountains May 5, 2009 at 11:12 AM  

    Nice inputs. I learn a lot from you!

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